A good analysis…

A good analysis.
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The Pranab Mukherjee Lessons
CL Manoj
Economic Times ,Wednesday June 20, 2012, 07:48 AM
The imminent election of Pranab Mukherjee as the President of India should be a matter of collective satisfaction for genuine politicians, including those opposed to the Congress . Mukherjee’s elevation would, in fact, be a celebration of a (legitimate) politician, his genius, commitment and capacity to excel in the face of dispiriting odds. Therefore, it is also the triumph of politics at a time when concentrated efforts are on to depoliticise our society and devalue our Parliamentary democracy by projecting the entire political class as demons, solely responsible for all ills.
The widespread political support for Mukherjee’s candidature has, finally, defused the ambitions of APJ Abdul Kalam, the original poster boy of our politicianbashing elite and middleclass idiot-box electorate. No wonder, Team Anna has become the most vocal critic of Mukherjee’s candidature. It is not that Mukherjee is a flawless political marvel. He, of course, has his share of shortcomings. There can also be genuine criticism of his handling of economy.
Yet, the fact remains Mukherjee has excelled, for over four decades , on the frontlines of national politics by demonstrating his mastery in a range of areas, be it administration, parliamentary practices, constitutional matters, political management and even “working the system” . The fact that he also took politics as a serious vocation that requires constant pursuit of knowledge also makes him a fast vanishing species among our politicians. Two factors stand out to display his unique adaptability.
From being a perennial Rajya Sabha type, he gamely acknowledged the truth that a real politician should face the people’s court. He fought and won two Lok Sabha polls after he crossed the age of 70. Despite being an advocate of one-party rule and a critic of coalition politics, Mukherjee remoulded himself, since 2004, as the country’s most astute coalition manager. Maybe his long experience as an organisational manager within the Congress, a party that itself is a coalition of conflicting views, personalities and interests, might have helped him hone his conflict management skills.
It is precisely because Mukherjee is not made of ordinary stuff that he could, in a dignified manner, survive and rise in the Congress despite his refusal to be a career sycophant. That is why by clearing Mukherjee’s candidature Ms Gandhi could ward off criticism that she can never promote real and able Congress politicians to the highest posts. Here, Ms Gandhi also repaid her debt to the under-rewarded services of a true Congressman, loyal to his party and its interests. Mukherjee has a cultivated contempt for Delhi’s fake political world, where shallow politicians thrive by indulging in clever-by-half spinjobs through their enslaved hawkers. So, it was a fitting tribute to his candidature that it has also smashed three big political myths.
Number one is the notion that Mamata Banerjee is a political superwoman , set to demolish the UPA. The demolition of “Bully Mamata” is the classiest act by seasoned Congress managers since they made mincemeat of Prakash Karat’s N-deal ‘karate’ antics. Of course, Mulayam Singh bagged the critics’ award on both occasions for his fencejumping . Mamata overestimated her craft and underestimated the patience, experience and skills of the Congress. Now this new Facebook artist can choose whether to retreat or quit the UPA to meet new uncertainties.
The days of the Mamata veto in the UPA are over. The BJP’s plight has spiked the second spin; that the NDA is set to uproot a crisis-torn UPA. The main Opposition can’t find a suita ble candidate . But then, how can a BJP, caught in an internecine leadership war among its mostly rootless leaders, and devoid of any credible plank and with the increasing role of the RSS and Modi’s one-upmanship , ever hope to command the respect of allies? The third canard to be exposed is the supposed cloud over the prime ministership of Manmohan Singh. The AICC’s clarification that it “can’t afford to spare Manmohan Singh from the PM’s post” has, once again, confirmed that the factors that dictated Dr Singh’s elevation in 2004 remain valid.
Maybe Team Anna could resume research on whether Dr Singh is being used by the Gandhis as Shikhandi or Parthasarathi in this Kurukshetra! The elevation of Mukherjee enhances the prestige of genuine politicians who are increasingly being displaced by pimps and moneybags, and should also work as an aspirational factor for genuine Congress politicians who struggle against sycophants. As the Congress prepares to live without the daily, direct guidance of Mukherjee, it is also an opportunity for the two Gandhis to learn from the Pranab saga: that they and their party will be better served by promoting genuine political talent instead of personal loyalists and glorified clerks. The lesson would not be lost on the BJP either.